It's The Johnson

The Cast

Creator Nate Wunderman

What happened to this high school circle of friends and classmates after graduating?
Time moved on – things changed – but how do they react when their life doesn't go as planned?

A new comic strip about the sports-related adventures of Zack Johnson. Off work, The Johnson hangs out at his favorite sports bar called the Safety Blitz. In this small town, the Safety Blitz is where is you can always find friends to talk to about old times, watch sports or just pass the time.

After a “normal” night, The Johnson leaves the Safety Blitz to go home, he opens the door to leave and finds himself going through time. The Johnson visits time and places in the past – present and even the future covering the entire sports world. Of course, The Johnson tries to tell his stories to his disbelieving friends at the bar...and sometimes, they will humor and pretend to believe him.


Zack Johnson is the main character of the comic. A frustrated former high school athlete whose ambitions far outdid his decidedly modest talent level, The Johnson had settled into a life that he thinks is boring. He regularly hangs out at the Safety Blitz, complaining about how his high school football coaches 'had it in for me.' He still longs to be with former high school classmate Marybeth McNamara, but cannot make himself appealing enough to her.

Marybeth McNamara is the owner and head bartender of the Safety Blitz. Marybeth was a former Homecoming Queen and Head Cheerleader who thought she would leave the family business (the Safety Blitz) behind when she married the local star athlete, Peter Stafford. After a very public and not so friendly divorce from Stafford, she now has to return to the bar she swore she would never set foot in ever again.

Peter Stafford is a disgraced former professional football player whose career was cut short by his involvement in scandal after scandal. Now broke and divorced, the highlight of his day is now hanging out in the Safety Blitz and reliving his “good” years to anybody who will listen.

Gabriel Appiah is another classmate from their high school who excelled at sports including track and basketball. His determination not only helped him become a college basketball star, but also earned a degree. After a career ending injury, he and his wife return to their home town and he becomes the Athletic Director at his former high school.

Tony Gomez is another former classmate and was the kicker/punter on the football team, as well as the star of the soccer team. Tony now runs a successful Chinese restaurant as well as a coach for one of the local youth soccer league teams.

Shelly Finkelstein is an Accountant of a large company who enjoys stopping in at the Safety Blitz. Shelly was the high school “nerd” and still has a crush on Zack Johnson. She loves all could this go wrong?

Jin Chong is the head chef at Tony’s Chinese restaurant. Jin is a former North Korean colonel and cooking is not one of his better talents. How will this work out?